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about-us-pageWe have the experience needed to build or upgrade your network. Routers, switches, access points and even network cables, LNL has the ability and expertise to install each.

Remote desktops connections, configuration of routers and switches, user restrictions and equipment replacement, LNL Network & IT Solutions can even handle access lists & routing protocols.

LNL has one of the largest refurbished computer warehouses in Southeast Michigan. We proudly serve and sell many brands including, but not limited to Dell, HP, Compaq, IBM, Lenovo, Apple, Toshiba & Alienware, just to mention a few. Call and speak to our professional sales associate today for the latest pricing. All of our computers and tablets come with a 30 day warranty with an option to purchase an extended warranty up to one year.

Our experienced and professional team has 15 years of experience.

In our experience, most businesses reach a point when they need to our help to move their technology to the next level. Whether that means an upgrade to your current internal network or investing in a larger one, securing the right level of service for growing your business is extremely important.

Allow us to ask a couple questions that might help you determine if your network needs help or even and upgrade.

Are your networks computers crashing? This might seem obvious, but, most computer crash because they are out dated and cannot handle the latest updates or upgrades. It's worth looking into.

Is your internet connection too slow? Depending on what your employees are connecting to on the Internet, your connection may no longer be sufficient. (Just make sure your employees aren't streaming YouTube to cause this issue)

Have you outgrown your current data storage capacity? If you need more capacity, you may be able to slot more memory into your current storage server or online data storage service.

If you’re not sure where to start upgrading your network, that's where LNL Network & IT Solutions experience comes in. Let us evaluate your current situation and recommend a solution. 

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